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Located at the Southeast intersection of Avenida Encinas and Carlsbad Boulevard,

New Age Resorts proposes the W Carlsbad Hotel and Residences. The W will be a beautiful addition to a thriving neighborhood.  Over half a decade has been spent ensuring that the utmost care is taken in preserving the environment while also creating a wonderful meeting place for friends and family. Supported by the City of Carlsbad and included as an integral component of the City's General Plan, the Resort will exemplify the harmony between architecture, landscape and the environment.

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Planning and Design

The proposed W Carlsbad Hotel & Residences proposes the development of a three-story resort hotel and villas, a scenic recreational looped trail for public use, restaurants and a bakery cafe for all to enjoy. Click through to learn more about each aspect of our project.

Into the Ocean



Our project will dedicate roughly 6 acres of the site to establish a permanent biological open space preserve that provides uplands and wetland habitat for native species. With a deep understanding on the urban and environmental diversity, the project will focus on preserving the natural beauty of Carlsbad.

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